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25.01.2015, 22:08
'Human shadow' photographed on Mars

Conspiracy theorists claim to have identified the shadow of a man working on the Curiosity rover. From traffic lights to human bones, anomaly hunters claim to have seen just about everything you can imagine resting on the surface of the Red Planet no matter how impossible or bizarre.

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03.01.2015, 16:00
28 Days And Counting… Mysterious Website Has DOD And Russian Connections!

The brand new video below just released by Susan Duclos features a very mysterious website with mind-blowing connections to both Russia and the US Dept of Defense that should make anyone question what is going on here as a countdown on the Distant-Perception website has begun. With less than 29 days now remaining in the countdown as shown in the screenshot of the website below video, and a strange, alien-like creature being displayed, are we one step closer to ‘disclosure’ or is this mysterious website seeking attention for a new movie or video game as some have argued?

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18.12.2014, 12:43
Mysterious creature with sharp claws and pointy teeth discovered on California beach

A mysterious creature with sharp claws and pointy teeth was discovered on Tuesday at a beach in Santa Barbara, after the area received some brutal storms and damage.

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17.12.2014, 00:06
The monolithic statues of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) are called moai in the Rapanui language. Carved on the island by the ancestors of the current population, approximately 50% of the total of 887 statues documented to date still remain in the immediate vicinity of Rano Raraku, the quarry in which they were produced. The majority of the remaining statues were transported to and erected upon a variety of ceremonial structures called ahu. This feat is one of the greatest megalithic achievements of Pacific prehistory.
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27.11.2014, 15:51
UFOs & Military Interceptions

The UFO phenomenon has an nearly inextricable relationship to the world’s military forces. A lot of sceptics believe that a significant quantity of unexplained sightings are actually test flights of secret man-made fighters and bombers. Conspiracy theorists however believe the United States government in particular is in collusion with alien life forms – and that its military’s high-technology weapons have been created with the aid of extraterrestrial intelligence.

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26.11.2014, 09:52
Teotihuacan – Mystical Great City

High on a plateau in central Mexico lies the remains of a city that keeps to perplex archaeologists and historians. Of the many ancient cities of the Americas, Teotihuacan is among the most enigmatical. No one knows what race of people created it, what they used it for, or why it was abandoned. Without a doubt, the remains are awe-inspiring, but it is believed that 90 percent of this city is still buried under the arid Mexican soil. And yet, this an amazing city of culture held 200,000 residents at its peak. So what happened at Teotihaucán?

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21.11.2014, 14:24
Roswell UFO mystery solved, according to German documentary
A new German documentary claims that testing of a secret Nazi aircraft by the USAF is the real conspiracy behind the famous Roswell incident. The Roswell incident took place in early July, 1947. Something crashed in the desert and the USAF didn’t know what it was. They even wrote a press release saying they captured a crashed flying saucer. The next day they retracted that statement and said it was all a mistake. The mysterious debris was just a weather balloon. After that, the incident was forgotten.
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16.11.2014, 15:53
Georgia witness photographs cigar-shaped UFO

A Georgia witness at Canton reported watching and photographing two cigar-shaped UFOs that seemed to be attached by “a small tubular connection,” according to testimony in Case 61365 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was outside on a driveway and about to walk inside on November 6, 2014, when the object was first seen.

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16.11.2014, 15:24
UFO experts say 'we are not alone'
WASHINGTON -- UFOs were the topic of a panel discussion Wednesday night at American University, and one of the speakers used the occasion to reveal evidence he called a "smoking gun." "We have come into possession of a couple of Kodachrome color slides of an alien being lying in a glass case," author and researcher Thomas Carey told the near-capacity crowd in Abramson Recital Hall. He's been researching the 1947 Roswell incident since 1991.
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26.10.2014, 17:37
West Virginia UFOs: New sighting describes cigar UFO hovering under 500 feet

Reports of UFOS under 500 feet continue this month in West Virginia as a new witness at Charleston reported watching a cigar-shaped object hovering near I-64, according to testimony in Case 60861 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was driving eastbound along I-64 approaching Charleston, WV, at 5:30 p.m. on October 15, 2014, when the object was first noticed.

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