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Horror, Cruelties, alive, bury, case
25.02.2019, 19:34
Taphophobia Or Here’s Why You Should Afraid Of Being Buried Alive
The fear or phobia of being buried alive is widely considered an abnormal psychopathological condition, but this would suggest that it is irrational when in fact it is not. Despite all of our advances in modern medicine there are still those “survivors”, which slip through the cracks and find themselves six feet under, sealed in a coffin, and gasping for air. Introducing the very rational fear of being buried alive: taphophobia…
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Cruelties, Horror, angel, kill, angels death
25.02.2019, 19:21
Lainz Angels of Death: 4 Nurses Killed 49 Patients
All of us have within us a monster – it is our humanity that chains and restrains us from the temptation of evil acts, but under the right circumstances, even our good deeds can be the temptation that leads to darkness.
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Reptilian Shapeshifter Secret Service Agent Spotted At Trump Inaugurat
21.01.2017, 17:56
Reptilian Shapeshifter Secret Service Agent Spotted At Trump Inauguration?
He's Back! Reptilian Shapeshifter Secret Service Trump Inauguration! 1/21/17 Including a Close Encounter With a Reptilian Race as a Child!
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The cryptic site (right) and an alien from a hoax Roswell video The cryptic site (right) and an alien from a hoax Roswell video
18.04.2016, 22:38
Roswell UFO breakthrough? Investigators claim development after BIZARRE desert discovery

CONSPIRACY theorists claim cryptic rune-like symbols and an inverted Nazi swastika could mark a mysterious alien landing site in the US desert.

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Revelation: The naval officer says he has seen proof aliens exist Revelation: The naval officer says he has seen proof aliens exist
04.03.2016, 22:10
Top secret UFO documents 'prove Britain's biggest alien sighting was real' claims US naval officer
The Suffolk Rendlesham story is one of the country's most famous mass sightings of aliens or supernatural craft.
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01.06.2015, 19:41
Giant rats invade Northern Ireland village, residents plead for help
A quiet Co Down village is being overrun with giant rats the size of small cats. Residents in Killyleagh are appealing for help to deal with a plague of rodents amid fears their pest problems are spiralling out of control.
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04.05.2015, 00:04
Are Illuminati members human?
Perceptive readers have noted that uncommon phrases appear as recurring themes in the first Illuminatiam Testament, specifically references to “your world” when mentioning the planet Earth and “your species” when referring to humanity. Some have taken these terms as indications that Illuminati members are of a species that is not human.
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04.05.2015, 00:03
The illuminati talisman
Crafted in the finest iron metal, the Illuminati Talismanbeckons blessings of power to rest upon the lives of those who wear it. It displays a person's loyalty to the Illuminati and their dedication to the betterment of the human species.
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09.04.2015, 22:27
Video of mysterious black ring hovering in Kazakhstan skies sparks rumours of UFO sighting
Strange footage shows an unexplained black ring in a clear blue sky above the village of Shorthandy village, near Astana in Kazakhstan. The phenomenon stayed in the heavens for several minutes before vanishing into thin air, before stunned locals who watched the spectacle on Saturday 3 April. "It was like a black cloud. We saw it at around 4 pm on April 3. It dissipated like smoke, but it was completely odorless," Oleg Menshikov, a village resident, told Today.kz.
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01.02.2015, 17:45
People Vanishing In Clusters at National Parks, Unexplained – What’s Happening?
A news report is circulating that is chilling, shocking and inexplicable. Clusters of people simply vanishing, sometimes 2 or 3 but up to 20 and 30 people disappearing from the same locations across the US in national parks, sometimes right from under the noses people that are with them. Young, old and in between, some of them are found in places that are termed as “inaccessible,” or in areas that had already been searched.
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