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Horror, Cruelties, alive, bury, case
25.02.2019, 19:34
Taphophobia Or Here’s Why You Should Afraid Of Being Buried Alive
The fear or phobia of being buried alive is widely considered an abnormal psychopathological condition, but this would suggest that it is irrational when in fact it is not. Despite all of our advances in modern medicine there are still those “survivors”, which slip through the cracks and find themselves six feet under, sealed in a coffin, and gasping for air. Introducing the very rational fear of being buried alive: taphophobia…
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Cruelties, Horror, angel, kill, angels death
25.02.2019, 19:21
Lainz Angels of Death: 4 Nurses Killed 49 Patients
All of us have within us a monster – it is our humanity that chains and restrains us from the temptation of evil acts, but under the right circumstances, even our good deeds can be the temptation that leads to darkness.
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