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28.10.2013, 00:31
‘Real-life Barbie’ claims to be time-traveling alien
Story via UPI The self proclaimed “real-life Barbie”‘ talks being a time traveler and how physical perfection will change the human race in a new Vice documentary. Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukrainian woman who lives life as a real-life Barbie doll, explains in a new Vice documentary that she is actually a time traveler who came to earth to save the world from superficiality and negative energy. In the 20-minute documentary titled “Space Barbie,” the 27-year-old self proclaimed Barbie elaborates on how “physical perfection truly is the best medium through which to deliver life-changing philosophy to the human race.” Read the full story at UPI.
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27.10.2013, 19:23
Unidentified animal seen on trail cam
Can you help identify this animal from the picture shown here? It is unclear if this is an unverified picture of a “Bigfoot.” It was recently discovered on a “trail cam” placed in the nearby mountains.
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27.10.2013, 17:14
Spectacular 15 Story High UFO Floats Over Dallas
We've got a pretty astonishing photo a UFO - specifically a large flying saucer - to share! A mother and son in North Dallas spotted a large circular object with several lights, about "15 stories high," fly over their neighborhood. Later on Facebook, they saw a photo of the same craft on their news feed - but the photo was taken in Oak Cliff south Dallas. This means this craft was super large and possibly quite high in the sky. The photo was also posted on Twitter, where you can - additionally - read more buzz about it.
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