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Crafted in the finest iron metal, the Illuminati Talismanbeckons blessings of power to rest upon the lives of those who wear it. It displays a person's loyalty to the Illuminati and their dedication to the betterment of the human species.

The Movement Has Begun

Beautifully unique, the Illuminati Talisman is more than a necklace. It is a symbol of humanity’s supreme purpose and duty to one another, representing a belief that all humans, in all places, deserve to live in the richness of freedom, knowledge, and abundance. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, and believers of all kinds wear the necklace as a sign of their commitment to this global unity.

The Illuminati is an elite collective of leaders, business authorities, and other influential members of this planet. The continued prosperity of the human species is our core objective. Thousands of people from all walks of life have committed themselves to our global work. For this reason, we have coordinated the production of the Illuminati Talisman necklace – previously available to members only, now open to the public.

hare the light

When asked about the symbol, citizens will have the opportunity to share the Light amongst their family, friends, and associates. When worn in public, members will recognize the Talisman and identify its wearer as one who is loyal to the Illuminati.

join a global unity

The Talisman's universal influence cannot be underestimated. Many have reported dramatic changes in their lives while wearing the Talisman. Its attraction of the Light can alter its wearer, opening doors for opportunities of Abundance.
In this way, citizens may display their loyalty to the Illuminati and their dedication to the protection of the human species.

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