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Unidentified animal seen on trail cam

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Can you help identify this animal from the picture shown here?

It is unclear if this is an unverified picture of a “Bigfoot.” It was recently discovered on a “trail cam” placed in the nearby mountains.

It was surprising, to say the least, when I discovered the image on the camera’s disc. What in the world can this be?

Carefully scrutinizing the image, it appears that the right arm shows fingers as the animal grasps the base of the tree stump. It also has elongated feet similar to a man’s appendages. Its fur is matted on the back but thin on the arms and legs. Unfortunately, the head and face are not shown by the image taken.

I think it must be a bear. It has to be a gear, does it not? I hunt this area annually and have seen no sign of a Bigfoot. I have seen bear scat and tracks before, so I can identify them.

No unidentified tracks, droppings, or any other indications of a large upright predator in the woods have ever been found, that I know of.

There were no discernable tracks on the leaf-covered ground near the camera where it was picked up. The mystery remains!

Your input would be appreciated.

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