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UFO videos over Germany show objects in triangular formation

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These interesting videos appear to a show a triangular UFO, or three separate UFOs in a triangle formation over the state of Bavaria in Germany.

The videos were uploaded to YouTube on November 11, the same day the videos were captured. The uploader says he used a Yukon Ranger night vision device with a video output. He says the objects were not visible to the eye, and could only be seen using the night vision device.

The first video (seen above) was captured at 10:33 pm. The three objects are points of light in a triangular formation, and stars can be seen to pass in-between them, making it more likely they are three separate objects. At one point a commercial airliner can be seen flying across the bottom of the screen.

The second video (seen below) shows three similar points of light, this time going in the opposite direction and in a line instead of a triangular formation. This video was taken at 11:45 pm. In both video the lights fade out.

Often simple points of lights turn out to be satellites, but satellites to do not typically travel in groups. However, as one of the people who have commented on the video has pointed out, the Navy does have some that travel in groups. The Naval Ocean Surveillance System (NOSS) are satellite formations that can travel in groups of two or three. They are also dim enough that they cannot typically be seen by the unaided eye, but night vision would do it.

This would also account for the fading out, as the YouTube commenter Object Reporter puts it, “It doesn’t ‘disappear’ toward the end, the angle of reflected light hitting the satellites simply changes and they’re no longer visible.”

Although the NOSS seems to be a good fit, what about capturing them twice in one night and going in opposite directions? According to the satellite tracking website Heavens-Above.com, the NOSS were visible that night from Bavaria, and there were sets that went in opposite directions earlier that night, but nothing is listed for these exact times.

NOSS or ET? Take a look at the videos and decide for yourself.

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas

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