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Tunguska cosmic body of 1908: is it from planet Mars?

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The aim of the study was to discover remnants of the 1908 Tunguska meteorite. Main objective of the field studies was identification of exotic rocks, furrows, and penetration funnels reported by the first eyewitnesses, residents of the area with severe forest destruction. Main methods included decoding of aerial survey photographs, systematic survey of the epicenter area of the Tunguska explosion, exploratory excavations of the objects of interest, reconstruction studies of exotic boulder by using its splinters, mineralogical and spectral analysis of specimens, experimental attempt of plasma-induced reproduction of the fusion crust on specimen. The authors present results on discovery of penetration funnel-like structures; exotic boulder (known as John's Stone)) with its shear-fractured splinters and fresh furrow in the permafrost; several splinters with glassy coatings; evidence of high-speed John's Stone deceleration in the permafrost; and clear consistency in geometry of spacial arrangements of all splinters, furrows, cleaved pebbles according to data of reconstruction studies. John's Stone is composed of highly silicified gravelite sandstone (98.5% SiO2) with grain size of 0.5 to 1.5 cm.

Outer surface of several splinters showed continuous glassy coating similar to shiny fusion crust reminiscent of freshly applied enamel. Plasma-induced heating of John's Stone specimen led to its explosive disintegration; residue presented with whitish semi-transparent pumice-like grains and irregularly shaped fused particles. Overall, our data suggest that John's Stone is Tunguska meteorite candidate. Recent discoveries of sedimentary rocks, lithified gravelite sandstone, clay, and quartz on Mars provide rationale for search and identification of silica-rich Martian meteorites of sedimentary origin.

John Anfinogenov, Larisa Budaeva, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Yana Anfinogenova

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