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The Russian Ukraine Border Post Orb Attack

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This video discusses the recent tainted media reports who would if they could have their way, have us all believing, that so called pro Russian militants, are responsible for a recent attack on a Ukraine Border Out Post.

A Russian Orb Cosmo-sphere has been identified in the video and by slowing down the entire video to 1FPS, I was able to capture the images showing what appears to be an orb, stopping directly over the light tower and then moves away and around a steeple in the area. Having rounded the steeple, the orb then begins to glow and exists the video screen area in a very fast way just moments before the light tower explodes.

This is my weeks most interesting story about UFOs. Here we have one man explaining an attack on a Ukrainian Post Border Base, showing a bright orb in the presence of a series of explosions all within a few frames. The line here is that this object moved at a very unusual flight pattern and one man caught on to it and published this detailed video for the viewing public. Enjoy it, its 15 minutes long but he gives a credible story along with video analysis of the object frame by frame.

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