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28 Days And Counting… Mysterious Website Has DOD And Russian Connections!

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The brand new video below just released by Susan Duclos features a very mysterious website with mind-blowing connections to both Russia and the US Dept of Defense that should make anyone question what is going on here as a countdown on the Distant-Perception website has begun. With less than 29 days now remaining in the countdown as shown in the screenshot of the website below video, and a strange, alien-like creature being displayed, are we one step closer to ‘disclosure’ or is this mysterious website seeking attention for a new movie or video game as some have argued? Is it just a coincidence that one of the co-owners of this mysterious website is a company called Legato LLC, which happens to be head-quartered in Annapolis Junction, Maryland and in a building the NSA also works out of? Why the Russian link AND the DOD link as explained by Susan here? More about Legato below video.

Legato, LLC is…

a dynamic small business providing comprehensive IT Engineering Services to the Intelligence Community. Legato’s founders have 50 years of combined service supporting the Department of Defense as both Government employees and contractors, with experience in systems engineering, network engineering, program management and acquisition.

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